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How To Turn An Unwanted Corporate Gift Into A Fundraising Opportunity

How To Turn An Unwanted Corporate Gift Into A Fundraising Opportunity

The festive season is upon us and once again, you’re faced with the perennial problem of what to do with that unwanted corporate gift that you have been sent.

What do you do? Firstly, check your company’s policy on accepting gifts. If you can accept it, but you don’t want to keep it yourself there is a solution that can fairly distribute the gift to colleagues whilst raising funds for charity.

With GivGo, corporates can run an online auction, prize draw, or accept donations on a bespoke and secure website limited to their employee base, in order to raise more for charity. In doing so you’ll increase employee engagement and introduce a simple and fair way of raising money for a good cause.

Get other stakeholders to participate in this initiative too. Broaden the initiative to include other areas of corporate excess and waste. Ask your Marketing team to donate excess corporate gifts and surplus corporate merchandise. Business Development can supply unused corporate hospitality. In fact, use this online fundraising platform all year-round.

Corporate Responsibility will be interested in a process that raises funds for partner charities and your HR team will love an initiative that helps to improve employee engagement, as access to corporate gifts, hospitality and merchandising is made available to everybody.

Your firm’s partner charities will benefit too. Instead of being sent items to use or sell, they now receive their most sought after gift, a financial donation!

So, this idea can really claim that everyone’s a winner!

GivGo is unique in providing an online fundraising platform, quickly and simply at a very affordable cost. Check out our website or email us at to explore which option works best work for you.