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How To Effectively Source Lot Items For Corporate Fundraising

How To Effectively Source Lot Items For Corporate Fundraising

Many corporates aim to raise vital funds for their partner charities, but it’s not easy with the ever-increasing pressure on resource. Also, employees can find it hard to take time out of the business to support fundraising initiatives. Companies seek new, innovative ways to meet fundraising targets whilst avoiding fundraising fatigue setting in across their workforce.

Online auctions are a great way of raising funds, reducing corporate wastage and engaging employees. We often get asked how firms can source items to auction off. We are currently running auctions for a range of companies across professional services, retail, and financial services Each have their unique set of goals and employee budgets yet they have all managed to fill their auctions with amazing lot items. Here’s how…

Unsold stock – a retailer we are partnering with is reducing their storage and landfill spend by auctioning off unsold stock to employees. This is also helping to lower their carbon footprint.

Unused corporate hospitality – an increase in regulation means that many firms are reviewing spend on corporate hospitality. However, demand from business development teams to access unique opportunities to entertain clients means that corporate hospitality is not dying off just yet. Auctioning off available tickets allows employees a chance to attend these events and fill empty seats.

Employees – one of the big four accountancy firms sets their new graduate intake a challenge, to source lot items for the firm’s charitable foundation. Grads are put into teams, given a script and encouraged to use their networks and entrepreneurial skills to collect auction items. The team whose items raise the most money in the subsequent auction, wins. Plus, staff time used during this event can be recorded as volunteering hours.

Surplus corporate merchandising – all sorts of items from umbrellas to notebooks are branded in corporate colours for employees and clients. Surplus items are always in high demand as employees seek to identify themselves with the firm they work for. Making these items available to staff for a donation capitalises on this demand and reduces storage costs.

Unwanted corporate gifts – throughout the year companies receive gifts from suppliers and customers, this increases exponentially in the run up to the festive period. Unwanted gifts could be pooled and auctioned off to allow people across the firm to access them.

GivGo – firms can source items directly from us, there’s no such thing as a money can’t buy item. Items can be sourced from us according to the budget of your employees.

GivGo is unique in providing an online auction platform, quickly and simply and at a very affordable cost. Check out our website or email us at to explore which option works best work for your firm.