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Further Your CSR Capabilities With Unused Stadium Tickets

Further Your CSR Capabilities With Unused Stadium Tickets

Every week, thousands of seats at ticketed events go unsold or unused, leading to a loss of revenue and profitability for corporates, and a loss of that magical atmosphere that attending live sport or music events creates for spectators. The problem can sometimes be significant, with cases of up to 20,000 seats being unsold at Wembley during the 2017/18 season, and half of stadium seats being unused at the concerts of global platinum selling artists. What if there was a solution to this through corporate social responsibility?

A big reason for this, is pressure on corporates to buy up boxes or VIP tickets with the plan to entertain top-priority clients, but it doesn’t always go as planned.

“What we have seen from events such as the Rugby World Cup and the Olympics is that you are almost forced into buying into a set of events that you are not necessarily going to attend. That creates a natural wastage, and companies know they are going to have that wastage,” says Elliot Sheasby, director at hospitality provider Event Masters.

GivGo provide a unique and innovative platform that can provide a solution to the loss of revenue whilst furthering CSR efforts by allowing corporates to sell their unused exclusive items, experiences and tickets in the aid of charity. An effective corporate social responsibility strategy can be hugely beneficial with many studies suggesting that a company that has implemented a real and genuine CSR strategy, is more likely to attract dedicated and committed employees who value an organisation that provides a positive social or environmental impact, and professional standards that are similar to their personal values. Often, companies understand the correlation between CSR and organisational success, but lack the ability or time to be able to implement a sustainable strategy that can have the desired positive impact. GivGo gives companies the opportunity for success by facilitating corporate fundraising through online auctions, prize draws, or donations, all of which can be exclusively offered to employees. This gives them the chance to easily bid on exclusive merchandise, match-day tickets, or experiences in aid of charitable causes all over the globe, whilst saving the company money by putting to good use those unused tickets.

With GivGo, corporate box holders have a unique opportunity to further their CSR efforts by auctioning off or offering a prize draw for the unused tickets to employees who may struggle to attend events otherwise. This means they can create greater engagement not just for those who have deep pockets, such as senior executives, but prize draws allow those who may not typically be able to afford to attend a VIP event, can win the opportunity for the cost of £5-10. Doing so will not only provide employees with a unique experience, giving them additional reasons for corporate engagement through reward and recognition, but also be the catalyst for turning a previously unused revenue opportunity into a chance to further CSR through fundraising for fantastic charitable causes all over the globe.

The GivGo team has over 10 years of global fundraising experience and is a specialist in online fundraising technology. The platform provides an easy and simple to use online auction that allows you to add new products at the click of a button. Winning bidders receive their product, and 100% of the profit is distributed to charity! GivGo is already working with large corporates including, Harrods, a top 4 accounting firm, and SThree, and is constantly adding reputable names to an already established client base.

Find out how GivGo can be the key to your CSR success.